The world’s most pierced man joins WeAreUnlikeYou!

Rolf Buchholz, our newest WeAreUnlikeYou model has the official title of being the world’s most pierced man with 453 piercings according to the Guinness Book of World Records. His appearance is one to behold to say the least, along with his facial and body piercings, he has extensive body tattoos, body modifications and  prominent forehead horns and he even has magnets implanted in his fingertips! Making him without a doubt one-of-a-kind. Rolf is now officially represented by WeAreUnlikeYou and available for commercial booking. So check out his profile and get inspired! Contact us. to request him for your next production.


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Double whammy!

We are delighted and excited to have recently signed Antino C. and Matteo G as exclusive WeAreUnlikeYou models. Antino is a trained actor and performer based in NewYork and Berlin and Matteo is a Filmmaker and Musician based in Milan/Berlin and both areavailable worldwide for commercial booking, so check out their profiles and get inspired! Contact us to request either of them for your next production.

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Fred Billboard Campaign

Smack Communications for Smoke Fred got a few more of our people to strip off and be the eye-candy for their hugely successful billboard campaign in 2014.



Client: Smoke Fred Agency:Smack Communications 

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Why I love Tattoos

Our of great models got featured in ZEIT ONLINE. He was shot by the fantastic photographer Ralf Mitsch for his book Why I Love Tattoos – you can buy his book here!.

If you would like to book Rene for your next production just contact us!


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Mini Countryman TV advert

GAP Films for Mini Deutschland recently booked Peter M. for the shooting of their TV advert for the Mini Countryman “Black Pepper Edition”. Watch it now and if you would like to subscribe to ourVimeo channel to see more videos and clips well then just go ahead and do that. Go on.

Client: Mini Deutschland Production: GAP Films Campaign: Mini Countryman Model(s): Peter M.

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Urban Jungle Project

Christoph Siegert and Himmelweit Productions booked a whole gaggle of our folk for the project Urban Jungle which was shot at the infamous Spreewald abandoned fun-fair at Plänterwald, Berlin.


Client: Christoph Siegert  Production: Urban Jungle Production: !himmelweit Location + Production Services Model(s):  _____

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Be Inspired!

Nice bit of mainstream newspaper coverage about WeAreUnlikeYou in the Rheinpfalz am Sonntag. 


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Social media mayhem!

Our official WeAreUnlikeYou Instagram and Twitter accounts are where we document #behind-the-scenes happenings and updates of where Birka the studio doggy is currently snoozing so get those fingers clicking and whatnot and get over there.

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