A Lullaby

Composed 1999

Child-centered lyrics with a comforting message and a melodic rhythm with a reassuring rocking quality. Sweet dreams!

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Verse 1

If you were a flower
Then I would be the springtime To wake you with sunbeams And sprinkle the dew

And if you were a river Then I would be an ocean I’d always be ready
To welcome you

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I never will forget
The moment that we met
Just the one I hoped I’d see Now that you are near
I want you to hear
How you mean the world to me

Verse 2

If you were a hillside
Then I would be a rainbow To watch and delight you For mile after mile

And if you were a sleepy child I would be your blanket
A very soft blanket
To warm you all the while



Musical Form:

Verse 1
Verse 2

Suggested Uses:

Concert closer; beginning chorus; Valentine’s Day

Performance Options:

Also effective when performed by a soloist​

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